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Chinese tourists favor private, short-distance trips for national holiday



Oct 05, 2021, 20:10

During this year's weeklong National Day holiday, which kicked off last Friday, Chinese tourists have shown a marked preference for short-distance travel and driving tours, data from online travel service platforms showed.

Search queries about "short-distance trips" have surged by over 250 percent year on year in 2021, according to Chinese travel service and social networking platform Mafengwo.

The platform added that homestays, camping and hot springs are the most popular ways for people to spend their holidays on the road.

The number of searches for "camping" tripled before the start of the holiday, it said.

Due to COVID-19 prevention measures, driving tours with friends or family are also popular among tourists, according to Lvmama, an online travel agency.

Another online travel agency Tuniu said small travel groups with six or fewer people accounted for about half of the orders they received this holiday, highlighting the market's greater demand for high-quality services and experiences.

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markwu post time: 2021-10-06 11:35

''Tourists should give the relics and the usual destinations a rest and visit other places thus lowering the density and clustering.'' As the photo for this story indicates, tourist hordes tend to descend on popular sites during this time. Any notion of ''privacy'' is quickly eliminated as the crowds jostle by. This trend has become prevalent even in formerly more sparsely visited places in the countryside. I feel it tends to destroy the whole worth of trying to find a relaxing holiday break.

The idea of changing the hukou system might be worth pursuing if it was estimated as being another way for increasing the birth rate of the population. 


What choice do the have?  Other countries are still struggling with Covid, not safe for them to visit; better stay home and stay safe as China has Covid under control. Not advisable for them to travel overseas like they did prior to Covid, and bring imported cases back to China!


Tourists should give the relics and the usual destinations a rest and visit other places thus lowering the density and clustering.

Each site must be well-maintained and civic-consciousness should prevail not to throw plastics or dirty the site on leaving.

Common prosperity should include each caring for others so that all can enjoy the same things without fanfare...

... on which point, how about tweaking the hukou system so that migrant workers can get healthcare and education benefits as well wherever they work? Imaginative planning can make this work.